Healing History – Warsaw
12-05-2018 - 14-05-2018

Healing History – Warsaw, 12-14 May 2018


Nations, just like individuals and relationships need help processing their history – especially their traumatic history. History doesn’t ever go away, and it’s ghosts and remnants are lived out in individuals and families. Unprocessed trauma tends to replay itself. Many of us carry the traumatic experiences of our parents and grandparents buried deep within us, because the history has shaped and drastically changed the lives of so many of them.


In the moments of historical unrest and uncertainties, there is a tendency to seek safty within a group: in the group identity (ethnic or national), we find support and power. However, this  power is often felt and recognized through directing it against other groups – rather than through transforming the old wounds or taking responsibility for past and future. The clear division between “us” and “them” helps to repress doubts and mobilise the force within.  Historical traumas are revisited in the simplified need for revenge.


The goal of this seminars is to heal the collective memory through working together and deep connection with the others. We invite people from different cultures and countries and create a safe space for expressing and transforming emotions connected to history.  These unheard emotions, frozen in our bodies and in our individual histories, contribute to the fact that traumatic events reappear at the individual and global level.


We work with historical experiences and their influence on our personal lives. We explore the power of non-violent methods and we learn to manage conflicts in constructive way , and thus – build a real, genuine connection between nations.


By using methods of the process psychology we discover the detained and incomplete individual and collective experiences. We touch upon profound experiences to discover there the hidden wisdom and the potential of growth.


More about the Healing History cycle:



Process Work


Process Work is an interdisciplinary, multi-dimencional approach to human experience, developed by Arnold and Amy Mindell and a team of colleagues. Rooted in Jungian Psychology, quantum physics and Taoism, Process Work is a holistic awareness practice that offers a new understanding and way of working with body experiences, dreams, symptoms, relationships, and interpersonal and social conflicts. One of the principles of Process Work is that whatever is happening in any given moment, however troublesome or disturbing it may seem - it contains the seed for a meaningful process. Once this seed unfolds, it can reveal its message.



Gary Reiss (USA) and Bogna Szymkiewicz-Kowalska (Poland) and assistants.

Dr. Gary Reiss holds an LCSW, PhD., and is a certified Process Work Diplomate. Gary has a private practice in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and teaches at the Process Work Institute in Portland and worldwide. He brings 35 plus years’ experience to his work. His specialties include conflict facilitation, family therapy, sex therapy, working with coma patients. He works in the world’s hot spots and he is a founder of “Healing History” Project. He has published 10 books, including The Dance of Sex, Dreaming Money, Families that Dream Together and Power of Love.


Dr. Bogna Szymkiewicz-Kowalska holds a PhD in psychology and works in the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at Warsaw University. She is a certified Process Work Diplomate and  s co-founder of Process Work Study Center Foundation. Bogna works with clients in her private practice and teaches Process Work in Poland and abroad. She is an author,writing in Polish and English. Her publications include: “Hurt Feelings. A Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond”, co-author of “Deeper into the Soul. Beyond Dementia and Alzheimers into the Forgetfulness Care”.


Organizational information


The seminar is organised by Polish Process Work Study Center and Polish Process Work Association.  It is the subsequent event of the “Healing History” cycle.


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  • Fee


The fee for foreigners differs depending on the economic zone:

For the Eastern Europe and the Middle East - 130 Euro (when paid before 15 March 2018) or 160 Euro  (if paid after this date)

For the Western Europe, Japan, the USA, Canada and other developed countries – 300 (when paid before 31 March 2018) or 330 Euro  (if paid after this date)

For the people from the least developed countries we provide the possibility to apply for scholarships.


  • Contact

For the matters concerning scholarships and all other matters, please contact the organisers through these adresses:


We accept payments into Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologii Procesu, bank account number: 70 1140 2004 0000 3902 7572 5624 or PayPal account kinga@psychologia-procesu.pl

We cordially invite people who would like to support the scholarship fund to make a donation to this account to these above accounts.


  Dates

 12-14 May 2018 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)


  Venue

Warsaw, Studio Bank, Daniłowiczowska 18B


The basic language of the Seminar is English. The lecture parts will be translated into Polish; some workshops 

Photo: Sue Milner

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